“I’d Like To Be Alone Now”


“Mindy Sterling” – Known for Austin Powers, How The Grinch Stole Christmas
“Jack McGee” – Known for The Fighter, Brad Pitt Moneyball
“Spencer Grammer” – Known for Greek
“Christopher Masterson” – Known for Malcolm in the Middle
“David Fynn” – Known Undateable
“Michael Piper-Younie” – Known for Turtletopia
“Zachary George Roerig” – Known for The Vampire Diaries
“Sheldon Bailey” – Known for Game Shakers
“Jordan Wall” – Known for The Glades
“Rachael Kahne” – Known for The Young and the Restless
“Emme Rylan” – Known for General Hospital, Shevenge
“Ava Gaudet” – Known for Evil Angel, Hurt, Infamous 2
“Trevor Donovan”- Known for 90210, Surrogates


“Bite Me”
“2BR02B” – Gold Leaf Films
“A Daisy”
“No Vacancy”
“The Choice”
“Curse Named Love”
“Sui Side Inn”
“White Rose”
“Come and See”
“Dark Angel”
“Mr. Lopez”
“Alison’s Decision”
“Promised Neverland”
“Demon Angel”


Country “Taiwan” – Various MUA photo shoots
The Unincorporated Life – Youth runway show
Mogul Behaviour
Suzanna Shihanova “Model” – Photographer Ricky Lin


Cinema Makeup School – Theater Halloween “Zombie” Party
Los Angeles Ultimate Woman’s Expo – Cinema Makeup Booth MUA
Disney Hall Graduation Celebration – Volunteer MUA