Inglot Duraline Review

By May 12, 2016Inglot

Inglot Duraline always will be in my makeup kit

Inglot Duraline Review | Why I love using it

Inglot Duraline 9 ml/0.30 US FL OZ (comes in a glass bottle with an eye dropper)

Everybody knows that you would want this product to enhance the effects of glitter and powders to be applied on your skin more efficiently. But there are many different ways that I like better to use this product, which I will share with you.

Here are the some of the reasons why I love using Duraline:

  1. I like using this in many ways, but the main reason is because it rehydrates gel eyeliners after mixing well. It can make your gel eyeliner more smooth and into a water resistant liquid. If you make a mistake or want to fix an edge, you can easily use Duraline to correct the problem.
  2. You can mix it with various types of eyeshadow powder pigments to create any color eyeliner or make your color pop.
  3. You can mix it with matte lipsticks to make it apply more smoothly and will stick on your lip better. You can also use any makeup pigment to make your own colors for your lipstick.

Benefits of using Duraline?

  1. Never throw away your gel eyeliners – you can bring them back to life!
  2. You don’t need to collect so many different colors of eyeliner.
  3. The product lasts a long time since you only really need to use one drop.
  4. The cost is very inexpensive (around $11 at most stores) for many great uses of the product.
  5. You can use to define small areas of makeup (ex: fix lipstick, eyeliner, eyebrow lines, etc).

I hope this small review helps encourages you to save money and buy Inglot Duraline to always carry around in your makeup kit or bag!

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